Proactive, Efficient and yet lightweight comprehensive security, thats WardWiz for you.

It's a first ever Personalized Digital Security Solution, protecting your digital lifestyle.

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...Because just an Anti-Virus is not enough.


Simple and efficient



WardWiz Essential

Erasing your worries, not files

Ensure your system performance is at its best, stay secure from imminent threats, and prevent unauthorised access. The essential security you need, with performance booster tools like data encryption, registry optimiser, heuristic scan, tune-up utilities, along with an anti-virus

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Secures you against online threats

Optimize scan speed through WardWiz settings

Boost your performance with a full suite of PC tune-up tools

Secures your system against malwares

Real-time scan technique protects from execution of malicious code

Full suite of PC tune-up tools

WardWiz Basic

Simple, yet efficient protection

Get all the protection you need at a minimal cost - keep your system healthy and efficient. Autorun protection, AutoUSB scan, data theft protection along with an anti-virus.

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Phones are your most personal devices
- keep yours private

Privacy-enhancing apps for Android.

WardWiz Android Essentials

Protect your device in case of theft and loss.

We can’t always prevent device theft, but we can ensure thieves never access your personal information stored on them.

Protect your precious Data with our advanced features.

System Essential Tools - the Antivirus comes along with it.

Perform better with WardWiz

A package of system essential tools that enhance the performance of your device

Stay Secured with WardWiz

A comprehensive set of tools to provide total security to your computer

WardWiz Technical Support

Our team of professionals is happy to assist you with the product.

Rare tools - Anti-Rootkit Scan, Registry Optimiser, Data Encryption, USB Vaccinator and more.

Value for money - All amenities at a packaged price.

Exceptional Heuristic Scan - On the lookout for malware even when you are not!

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